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OFIYAA intelligent sleeping robot

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System Embedded sleep management algorithm program, cloud algorithm system
APP Android and IOS, support multiple languages
Sound source Officially authorized by Himalaya to support multilingual listening content
Bluetooth Support
Gravity sensor Support
Sound sensor Support
Light sensor Support
Screen Curved digital LED display
Atomization range Aromatherapy atomization spreading area is 50 square meters, Mosquito repellent liquid atomization effective mosquito repellent area is 80 square meters
Dedicated essential oil container Exquisite glass bottle
Speaker 56mm full frequency 5W BOX integrated sound cavity
Knob Encoder switch
Storage Built-in 512M memory card
Light 32 Pcs RGB highlight lights
Battery (mAh) 1500mAh power battery
Charger 12V/2A Rated power: 24W
Color White/Blue
Overall size 169mm*169mm*135mm
Total Weight 580g
Material and technology PP+ABS+silicone, baking varnish UV

OFIYAA has developed a product for the sleep habits of various people, whether it is children, working people or the elderly, we can use this product to improve sleep. It is an intelligent sleeping robot. It can help you sleep better and feel more comfortable when you wake up.

After the sleep aid function is activated, there will be lights, sounds, and incenses to help you get stronger sleepiness. The intelligent monitoring system uses sound sensors, light sensors, and mobile phone dynamic information obtained from the APP to judge and estimate your sleep state. When it detects that you have fallen asleep, it will gradually reduce all the functions until they are turned off.

As the dawn comes, the monitoring system will estimate the sleep period when you wake up. Today, you are in the middle stage of the deep sleep period. The intelligent wake-up system will start working 14 minutes and 20 seconds earlier before the wake-up, and the lights will simulate the sun’s sunrise to promote the secretion of serotonin in your body. The sound of running water and singing birds will gradually accelerate the blood flow in the brain, the fresh fragrance of flowers will also begin to fill the room, which make you feel hungrier, and the body will begin to spontaneously have the desire to get up. Unconsciously, the wake-up system will gradually transition you from deep sleep to light sleep. At this time, you slowly open your eyes and find that you have naturally woken up at the scheduled time.

The robot also has a learning function. It will record your sleep habits and sleep data, and then send it to the cloud system. After analysis and processing, it will automatically generate a sleep aid and wake-up program that is suitable for you. Therefore, you will be more comfortable when you fall asleep and wake up every time.

Introduction to Product Instructions:

  1. This product is mainly composed of two parts: robot and luminous base. First, the key functions of the robot are as follows:
  2. Long press both ears to turn the robot on or off. Long press a single ear to enter the manual alarm clock adjustment function, and rotate the left and right ears to adjust the time. Click the left ear to start the fast aromatherapy mode, and rotate left or right to adjust the brightness of the light. Click the right ear to pause or play music, and rotate left and right to adjust the volume.
  3. Next is the use of aromatherapy essential oil. First take out the essential oil bottle, open the lid, insert the cotton sliver into the bottle, then rotate the back cover of the robot to the ON position to open it, and finally fasten the aromatherapy back cover and rotate it to the OFF position. (Note: the robot can't be inverted for more than 2 seconds, otherwise, the essential oil will overflow.)
  4. Next is the use of the base. First connect the adapter to the power supply and the base, and then place the robot at the ring-shaped magnetic connection between them. When you hear the music, the two are successfully combined.
  5. The last is the use of APP. You need to search for AIsleep in the APP STORE or Android app market to download the APP of this product. After downloading, you can choose to register and log in or enter directly. First, please enter the connection page and click Device Connection for automatic pairing. This connection is mainly used for APP wireless control. After the first connection, it will be automatically connected later. Then you need to connect the audio, otherwise, you can't play the audio content on the mobile phone. For this connection, you need to go to your mobile phone Settings-Bluetooth to find Mysleep-Music, and click it to get connected.
  6. Returning to the main page of APP, you can adjust and set all functions. Here, we introduce several functions in particular: The smart wake-up mode switch on the alarm clock setting page: when it is turned off, the traditional alarm clock mode will prevail, and the alarm will sound on time; Slide left or right to select the scene, and click the picture to save and apply it; The screen switch button in the light control page. When it is turned on, and it recognizes that there is no sound around for 30 seconds, the screen will automatically close, while when there is a slight noise, it will light up. It has three main functions. First is that user sleep will not be affected because of the light in the night. Second is that a slight noise can wake up the screen as a night light at night. Third is that it can save electricity.
  7. For other detailed instructions, please read the Help page of My function in the APP, thank you.