1.What is the shipping cost?
Free Shipping worldwide! The shipping time is about 7-20 business days! Where DHL can reach, we all send it through DHL

2.Will OFIYAA work with my Microsoft Surface?
Yes! OFIYAA can be used with the Microsoft Surface. The Mini Displayport will drive video to one screen and the USB 3.0 port will drive video to the other screen (using a simple USB to HDMI adapter).

3.Is OFIYAA compatible with Chromebook?
Yes! As long as your laptop has a USB output and a video output, it is compatible with OFIYAA!

4.How Can I Use Remote Desktop or VPN on the Tri-Screen?
Many OFIYAA customers need to use a VPN service like Remote Desktop to access a network computer. Using your Tri-Screen with one of these services is just as easy as using standard monitors.

5.How Can I Place a Bulk Order?
If you are interested in placing a bulk order, please send an email to with the request details.