OFiyaa tri screen P2 Pro: Add display to macbook

As mobile office gradually becomes a trend, laptops have become an important tool.
But sometimes it is inconvenient for a laptop to have only one screen for workers who need to use multiple screens. They need to constantly switch screens, which reduces productivity.
We would recommend ofiyaa tri screen p2 pro for multi-screen workers.
It can quickly add two additional screens to your laptop with just one cable to connect. The most important thing is that it is compatible with macbooks with m1 chips, which is absolutely perfect for the majority of macbook users.
P2 pro a1


  • Can be used for stock research on three screens without switching;
  • It can be used for split-screen comparison of data outdoors (such as coffee shop) without switching back and forth;
  • Can be used for conference screen replication sharing, ideas and content sharing;
  • More interesting ideas to look forward to...


p2 pro a5


  • Easy to fold, easy to store, suitable for indoor and outdoor;
  • Parameters are adjustable, Brightness, contrast and other parameters can be adjusted as needed;
  • Only need one cable to connect (Type-C or double USB A to single USB C), say goodbye to the messy desktop;
  • 202° rotation, widely used for split-screen expansion, replication;


p2 pro a6


TYPE-C: You need a laptop with Type-C interface with you.


2USB-A to 1USB-C: You need a laptop with two USB-A ports with you.

◇ 1 data transmission USB 2.0 or higher than data transmission interface, 1 USB 2.0 or higher than USB 2.0 interface.

◇ If the power supply capacity is insufficient under USB 3.0, the PD interface of "P2 PRO" needs to be powered separately.

p2 pro a3


  • Due to the some laptops' insufficient voltage,when connected to portable laptop monitor, one screen will work normally and another one not. 

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