How Do I Connect My OFIYAA Tri-Screen to My Laptop?

Simply put, the OFIYAA Tri-Screen works with almost ALL laptops. It works with Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook and any device with a video out source. Below we will take a deep dive for those who have specific compataiblity questions. If you too are curious, read on!

In short, each screen requires both power and video to function. Your laptop will serve as the source for this power and video. The inputs you will use for your setup will depend on your laptop ports.

For example, if your laptop has  2 USB‑C with DisplayPort output (as shown below), then you will only need to use a single cable going from this port in your laptop to the USB Type-C (video & power) input on the Tri-Screen to provide bothpower and video.


If your laptop doesn't have 2 USB‑C ports with DisplayPort output, then you will need to use a combination of one of these other video ports along with USB ports for power.

Using the included USB-A to USB-C cables, you will plug one end into the Tri-Screen USB Type-C (power only) port and the other end into your laptop's USB-A port. Using the included HMDI to Mini HDMI cable, you will plug one end into the Tri-Screen Mini HDMI video input and the other end into your laptop video port.

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